Let's Be "Frank"

Well brother, I'm back. All I can say is WOW. I went on this trip to Italy fully intending to have a lousy time. I was completely disappointed in my expectations. I expected it to be two weeks from hell but it turned into two weeks in heaven.

I will never forget the cramped plane ride there or home, nor will I forget the walking for miles on cobblestone on a gimpy knee and painful back in 90 degree heat. But I will also never forget the trip itself.

To experience the different foods and wine and the historical spots and figures as well as the place where pops father was from, will be something I will always remember, I will probably talk more in future letters but right now I am a bit awe struck, in addition to being prettly tired.

I do need to point out a few things now before I forget. I ate and drank for two weeks and my sugar has never been better and the walking a sweating it off saved me. When I got home I feared getting on the scale but when I did, I was surprised to see that I had lost nine pounds.

The reason the trip turned out as great as it did, was due to the great job of our travel agent and tour guide, Wooster Street Travel. Yolanda and her husband Santino are the best. There was no stone left unturned. The care they give to each and every person (38) is remarkable. I beleive the ages ranged from 25 to 77 and everyone was treated so special that by the time it was over, you had 36 new friends.

As you know, I was a bit hesitant because of my physical limitations but Yolanda and Santino took care of all those things and more. Just when I thought it was impossible to go on, there was yolanda with a cab or Santino pointing out a bench for me to sit on. Santino also kept me in his sight to make sure when I slowed down I didn't lose the group.

I would go on another tour with them in a heartbeat and I would remommend anyone thinking about going to Italy, to contact them. It's much easier to enjoy yourself when you don't have to worry about anything as Yolanda makes sure all bases are covered. Simply put, they are the best.

I can't fill you in on what is going on in town because I haven't been here for a few weeks. What I can tell you is that you are going to have to keep an eye on things on your end for a bit longer. After this trip, I think I'd like to hang around here and do a few more things before I join you and the rest of the family.

Onefunny thing was that in Positano just when I didn't I could go any further, I found a stone to sit on. After a few hours Sue Ann came over and pointed out the inscription on the stone. "This resting place is in memory of Gloria who used to love to sit and watch the people". Tell mom I thank her for leading me to the stone. I know it was her doing and her way of telling me she was watching out for me.

Well, take care and I 'll see you when I get there.

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